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What is Bank Reconciliation?

This module implemented within Pretoriano Soft, will allow you to easily adjust bank statements, payable accounts and receivable accounts, and the system also allows you to block those expenses that are received or made without a fiscal voucher.
Forget about spending long hours trying to balance your records, in addition to the concern of some error, we offer you the access to a very powerful and intuitive assistant to perform this delicate work.

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That's How It Works

It really is very simple operation, the only thing you have to follow are the following steps:

Access and homepage

This sub-module is intended to perform an automatic reconciliation between the Payable Accounts and the Receivable Accounts, about the movements recorded in the bank accounts through the statements.

Account Status

In this section you can visualize the bank detail with respect to the Operations performed by the bank, describing the Account Number, Date, Description, Income, Expenditures and Balance. It also has an Advanced Search filter by date and can be organized by greater income or withdrawal.

Bank Reconciliation

It is the most important section of the sub-module in which there are four main actions:

Reconciling | Save | Manual | To import


It is a button to compare the items in the view statement with all items in Receivable Accounts and Payables Accounts that have not been paid or charged in full.

Manual Conciliation

It is a process to conciliate forcibly any Accounts receivable or Accounts payable with a bank transaction. The reconciliation once saved will override the previous records. This type of reconciliation can only be performed on records not reconciled or that have the icon means that they have not been saved.

Import Bank Statement

This button leads to a module where flat format TXT files are imported. Currently there is a section to import Statements of Account with this type of files.

How to register a bank in the system?

  • 1. We go to Catalogs / Banks in the options menu.
  • 2. We click on "Create New".
  • 3. We insert the requested data of the bank account.
  • 4. To create the bank click on "Save".
  • 5. Now the bank is ready.

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  • Considerable time savings.
  • Reduction of paperwork, printed documents, storage, fixed costs and auditing
  • Resource Optimization
  • Release of resources to focus on activities that generate money in your company.
  • Reconciling an unlimited number of accounts and transactions.


  • Standardized and robust processes.
  • Simple knowledge transfer, which ensures continuity in the execution of the process.


  • Simple to learn
  • Fast to implement
  • Easy to user


  • Reduction and elimination of human errors and reprocessing
  • Replacement of MS Excel files
  • Supported by advanced reconciliation techniques


  • User friendly environment
  • Intuitive and logical platform
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    No installation, activation or monthly rent.

    How much is one hour worth of your time? Or one of your accountants, find out what is really worth and only with 3 credits of billing per use, you can have access to this reconciliation tool to manage and square up to 100 bank records per transaction. These credits are automatically taken from the ones you have purchased to invoice.