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Bluetooth Printing

Aditional integration with a portable thermal printer to print sales notes and purchase requisition.


This is achieved through its GPS connection.

Returns and Exchanges

Manages the return of products your customers make, view it in real time and know the reason for its return.


Takes the precise control of the collection of your customers and knows in real time how much have collect your sellers on the day.

15 days
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Field Sales Team (EVC)

The best solution for field sales that you can find in the market, ideal from a route, to hundreds of routes, totally in the cloud system, hires and starts operating immediately.
If you ever did 2 or more of these questions, Field Sales Team system is ideal for you:

  • Where are my sellers at this time ?
  • Have they visited all the customers and prospects they had?
  • How can I streamline the process from when the order is lifted to the delivery of goods to the customer?
  • Do they still have merchandise to deliver, or I have to start with the resupply?
  • How I can better plan your route sales?
  • I spoke with my salesman and says he has not visited more clients because he is stuck in a traffic jam , was he lying to me?

Do not overthink more and discover the wonders a cellphone can make and realize it can do more things besides going to facebook, send a tweet, or watch a video on you tube.

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Direct Sale or Auto Sale

If your salesmen bring the merchandise with them, they may make the process of sale, delivery and collection and all this information will be recorded on your smartphone and sent in real time to the center console.


Take online orders that are reported directly to the central site.


Takes the precise control of your customers collection and know in real time how much have your sellers regain on the day.

Offline System

The system can work with or without internet connection.

Returns and Exchanges

Manages product returns your customers do, view them in real time and know the reason for this exchange.

Payment Overdue Management

Stop wasting money and manages the administration of your perishable goods to be sold before they expire.

Sale on consign

Have full control of the product and its consign and leads daily sales and collection.

Print Outs

Additional integration with a portable thermal printer to print the notes sales and purchase requisitions.

Visitors Registration

Takes precise control of customers that your sales force visit and how much time they spend in each one, Sellers can only register visit if you are physically with the client as its location is validated against the customer at the time when you want to record the visit.

Inventory Control

Sellers always know the inventory they lead or have in the warehouse, so they never sell what they dont have and avoids fail the client.

Credit Orders

Credit Orders management and monitoring collection.

Precise location of each member of the sales team

This is achieved through its GPS connection.

Multi – ERP

If you already have an ERP, do not worry, we integrate with any platform.


Creating Geofences to demarcate the workplace.


Lift prospects orders with geographic location.

Multiple payment methods

Multiple register methods of payment (cash, check, voucher, credit card, promissory note).

Access to our ERP “Pretoriano Soft"

Where you can supervise in real time the working efficiency of your sellers, which have they collect and many other things , I invite you to watch the videos of how this tool works.

Chat for internal communication.

Internal chat for free communication between headquarters and your sales team.

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How it works

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Discover how to use our system.


Practical case from the perspective of the seller.


Practical case from the perspective of the manager.


Full use of our system.


Rent Service(monthly)

Field Sales Team

Hire from one license with only one monthly payment, you will count with unlimited access to all features of this system, anytime.

Meet our licensing costs here.

Do not miss the opportunity to take the next step in the growth of your company and takes advantage your competition.

* Price plus VAT
** An additional 10% is charged monthly, for the support service.

On Demand Service

Packages and Investment

Field Sales Team

If you are insecure if this tool will give you the benefits you expect and do not want to link you to a monthly payment, do not worry, with the service ON-DEMAND, only pay when you use the tool, through a pre -paid credit purchase system operation.

Meet the cost of our packages here.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do I need internet to use the system?

Our system is designed to work with equipment with cellular signal (on-line) and those that do not have a contracted plan (off -line), the only difference is that in the second case, may not have data recorded by the equipment until this is connected to a wireless network (WiFi) and can synchronize their data with the central server, for everything else, the data is stored in the internal memory of the device.

What happen if the places where I attend to my clients don't have internet signal?

The EVC system is designed so that it automatically detects the signal connectivity , in such a way that without it, automatically the equipment starts to work in the off -line mode (without internet) and when the equipment returns to acquire signal , automatically all records and movements that were offline are synchronized with the central server.

If I do not have internet, I can record the location of sellers?

That's right, EVC was developed under a special mode, which allows us to continue recording the location despite not having internet and once the connection is restored, all locations are updated and visible from the console.

The system is suitable for use anywhere?

That's right, you can use the system anywhere in the world.

How often the GPS location is sent?

The overall system configuration, by default sends this location every 7 minutes with this we make more efficient the use of resource from the phone and internet.

What if I lose the phone?

EVC counts with an anti theft configuration, that allows you to erase data remotely, all controlled by the center console.

A same phone can be used by more than one seller?

Yes, multiple sellers can use the same mobile device, but if you want to differentiate between sellers movements, you would have to make the installation of 2 licenses on the computer, one for each seller.

It is my information secure?

EVC Prevent the insecurity your sales equipment, collection and delivery may have every day being on the street, so to enlist each device we use the IMEI code (unique and unrepeatable of each cell equipment number it is like the thumbprint ) to encrypt information Within the device and that it can not be stolen without permission.

What kind of phone can be used with the system?

EVC works on any phone that fulfill the following minimum requirements : i . Android operating system V2.2 or higher ii . SD memory of 512 megs iii . Processor 528 Mhz or higher iv . GPS system.

Can you use a Tablet with the system?

While the tablet fulfill the minimum requirements described in the previous question, you can work smoothly.

The system works on iphone?

Our system has been developed exclusively to work with the Android operating system only.

Why you only developed on Android and not on Iphone?

Our vision as a company is to bring technology to entrepreneurs and small businesses,removing the fear of buying a mobile device to your sales team , that could be "mysteriously " stolen from its employees . As we know the cost of an iPhone, sometimes it is higher than the monthly salary of our sellers, so sometimes it is tempting to "lost" the equipment, unlike an Android cellphone that can be found in $1.200 MXN.

Can you sell me the mobile devices?

We are Telcel integrators, so we can make the sale of the equipment required.

How thermal printer work?

The thermal printer complements your solution, and is intended for those operations necessarily require a physical voucher to your client or wish to collect payments via credit card or debit card.

I can use any type of printer, or has to be a specific?

At the moment we have a couple of printers certified for integration with our system, however if you require any further, we can talk it about the project.

If I dont bill or do not want to bill electronically, the system works for me?

EVC is designed to work the way that suits you, whether billed all, billing some customers and others give sales notes, or just to manage all your customers with sales notes, you decide.

What is the minimum number of licenses I can purchase?

You can start using our system from 1 license.

Can I use a demo of the system to see how it works in reality?

In the download section you can find the demos you want, try us and make a proper investment plan.

If I need a special setting in the system , you can do it?

We have a team of engineers who can make any adjustments your business requires.

Once I contract, how can you give me the support I need?

We have a support team working 24 hours a day to attend all your requirements.

What is the availability of your service?

Currently we can sign contract, an availability of 99.9985%, as our infrastructure is kept in 3 of the best equipped data center in the world, being these 2 Mexicans ( Triara Queretaro and Triara Monterrey) and one in the United States.

As well as:

  • Increased productivity.
  • Accelerate the flow of information.
  • Reduction of human error.
  • Reduced shipments of merchandise erroneous.
  • Reduced the possibilities of shortages.
  • Optimization inventory control.
  • Increased control production plans.
  • Control and Evaluation Seller tasks.

Competitive Advantages Against other competitive Products.

  • We offer our product as an integrated service, in that way the client only has to worry about take care of his business.
  • Our product allows the collection online via credit card without the client to make a contract with a bank.
  • The solution can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime from the Internet, is not required to invest in infrastructure to have the management console.
  • The implementation is done in 72 hrs.

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