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All management and monitoring of your promoters in the palm of your hand.

GESPRO gives your team of promotors and supervision of a cluster of tools that allow them to record in real time, the performance and the status of point of sale of your product.

Only require a device with android operative system to live the experience of GESPRO.

7 days


GESPRO, is a mobile system of promoters equipment management and auditing of the points of sale, which allows you, since geotag your team, record their times of entry and exit, as well as track and analyze the competition in site, sending real-time information to an analysis central console, among many other things.

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For whom is GESPRO?

  • For any business or entrepreneur regardless of size, have the need to manage points of sale or promotors staff to streamline the rotation and selling of their product and improve the end customer preference.
  • Marketing companies and Advertising Agencies that want to offer added value to its customers, offering the opportunity to have their real-time information on the performance of his deployed promotors team and could realize an accurate analysis by minute, the impact It is having the staff at the point of sale and therefore the rotation of your product.
  • Companies or entrepreneurs who require have an analysis, efficient, timely and expeditious of behavior of their competence in both marketing and price to keep the market and always be one step ahead. .

Common problems that GESPRO solves

  • There is a high cost in hiring supervisors for checking promoters in the point of sale.
  • I have good participation in shelf, but sales do not increase, Is my product arriving on time and in appropriate amounts to the shelf?
  • I need to know the real impact of promotion team investment VS the impact on my product rotation.
  • I require to know at all times local strategies my competition are executing in marketing and costs, to make agile decisions and always be a step forward.
  • My products are correctly displayed based on the established planogram and spaces granted?

In which case you can use GESPRO

Benchmarking in PDV

You can quickly learn vital indicators, which will help to create an appropriate strategy to increase your ranking and sales, as the team in site can easily perform the registration of:

  • Participation in shelf
  • Price Comparison
  • Sales
  • Inventories
  • Active campaigns of competition.


Controls the product amount tasting offered by promoters as well as the impact on the purchasing decision of the end customer, recording every move online.


Executes optimal strategies to promote the act of buying, supported by GESPRO, you can provide the exact planogram to execute, so that your products are promoted properly, placing it in the right place and comparing (through photographic records) competition within hot zones Islands, headers , Walkers , maximum current Star points, among others.


GESPRO gives your promoters the easiest and most efficient way to register samples provided to the target audience as well as record the opinion of it through surveys.


Online Info

Get information online and in real time all your points of sale.

Off Line

The system is ready to run with or without internet connection, if you have intermittences or complete loss of signal when you retrieve again, the system immediately synchronized automatically.

Check in/out

Records the time of check in and check out of your employees, as well as registering rest periods, meal periods among others, GESPRO is responsible for conducting the registration of absences and tardies per employee and period.


Registering the GPS location of each team member in a thematic map, keeping travel history.


Count with the private courier service, so that from the console can communicate with its field staff and vice versa.


It can be made multiple surveys to be applied to end customers, and be able to consulting the results of the same online.


It can be assigned a set of different tasks to the promoter to be executed sequentially and at the same time can go notifying the progress in execution.


Register of advertising material through photographs and comments.


Access to planogram picture for apply, and ease of obtaining the evidence planogram in the shelf on arrival and end of the day of the promoter.

Check Store

You may perform registration and validation of shelf participation, price list and execution of our business strategy at each point.


You can easily perform product registration of tasting, and its impact on sales during the day.


Inventory register in warehouse and shelves as well as notifications of requirement and product tasting or missing inventory in point of sale for attention to sellers.

Competitive Analysis

Allows timely analysis of the competence in site and may obtain registration of their participation in shelf, prices, POP materials and marketing strategies such information will be analyzed automatically by GESPRO to deliver relevant indicators, to plan a successful sales strategy.


GESPRO has a variety of reports that are available for execution, allowing you to have a visualization and efficient handling of collected data in field.

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That's how it works

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Discover how to use our system.


Rent Service(Monthly)



An investment that makes sense and will recompense greatly. Our monthly rent service plan, without forced deadlines, you only pay $ 249 MXN per month + VAT per license.


Rent Service(Annual)



An investment that makes sense and will recompense greatly. Our monthly rent service plan, with a price of $180 MXN per month + VAT with a period of annual hiring.

Users license 1
Forced hiring term NO
Information Storage Unlimited
Working off line Included
Check in/out Included
Geo-location Included
Messaging Included
Surveys Included
Tracing Included
POP Included
Planogram Included
Check Store Included
Tasting Included
Inventory Included
Competitive Analysis Included
Reports Included


  • The cost of the license only protects a single user, which can be assigned to record information in the field through mobile or have access to the console application, but in no case shall the two functions, so minimum acquisition should be 2 licenses, contemplating one for the admin console and one for the employee in the field.
  • There is no forced hiring time, however, the minimum purchase period is 1 month.
  • In annual contract, the license is priced at $180 MXN + VAT per license, and must respect the forced hiring year, in case of cancelation in advance, you will pay the remaining months.
  • The amount of information the console stored, has no limit and will be in effect during the time the system is hired, at least 1 license, if not continue consecutively with hiring the service, the information will be system deleted automatically.
  • It is recommended the access to the management console by Google Chrome browser, so it keeps the operation of all functions.
  • The mobile application works in any mobile device (tablet or smartphone) that has Android operating system V2.2 onwards. It is important to mention that when you acquire a device must consider internal memory capacity due to the amount of photographic records that the promotor can generate.

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