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Bluetooth Printing

Additional integration with a portable thermal printer to print sales notes and requisitions.


This is achieved through it's GPS connection.


Takes the precise control of the collection of your customers and know in real time how much your sellers have taken on the day.

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Microfinance Mobile

Microfinance in Mexico is a sector that has great boom at this time ,because the need for financial inclusion is very large, especially by those sectors neglected by traditional banks.The challenge for microfinance and in general for all institutions granting microcredits are: the management, control and collection. If you have ever had one or more of the following questions, our Microfinance Mobile system is for you:

  • My promoters say they never find clients to charge them ,but they are actually attending the corresponding visit?
  • With so much insecurity in Mexico ,I would like to know in every moment what amount of money each promoter carries with it, so I can tell at the right time and online, when to go to the bank to make a deposit.
  • I believe that my promoters could be more efficient in their work if they correctly plan the working route, but despite that we plan manually, how to know they really follow it?
  • My office manager loses much time doing field staff supervision, how we could streamline the process and always be aware of promoters.
  • My promoters lose much time every morning coming for their sightseeing itinerary, valuable time can take for collection or placement credits, How We Could make it more efficient?
  • My manager in the office always takes too much time , making the court case and daily conciliation of collections of the promoters, also is susceptible to manual capture failures, if only we had a tool that would allow that the promoter, in field did recording the collection.

MovilPyme we have developed a practical, efficient and accessible tool for any budget and size of business, because it is a support system in business management. , it provides the mobility the promoters need and allows administrators and office managers, have the necessary information online to maintain optimal control of the operation and all this using a cellphone. Mobile Microfinance increases the efficiency and productivity of its promoters to support them in the process execution.

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We integrate with any portfolio management system you have

Even if you do not have it, we have a solution for you.

Immediate Online Geolocation

of your customers and promotors.

Microfinance Mobile can work with or without internet connection.

Since we know the most part of your clients are in rural areas.

Online collection and Payment overdue control

Make credit collections of individual, groupal or solidarity payments and can collect payments via credit card (bank or own), debit cards, cash or document (check, voucher, etc.) we handle any charging scheme for:

  • Individual Credit
  • Groupal Credit
  • Woman Credit

Receipts Printing Online

through a portable thermal printer.


Unlimited and free messaging between promoters, managers and central site.

Cashier balancing

Make a cashier balancing from the mobile device to know at all times the amount of cash, vouchers and documents you should have.


Our security control gives you the peace of mind that only the indicated person and with the correct access can manipulate and release the necessary information as each installation on the mobile device is linked to your IMEI (unique and unrepeatable number that identifies each mobile) and this in turn access the credentials of each promoter.

Registration and administration of prospects

Register online your future customers, apply to them a recognition survey, records their location, take pictures of them or their business and assigns the record for their track until you turn it into your customer.

Central Management Console

Get access from anywhere and at any time to one or all your branch offices, so you will see online the amount of collections made​​, visits and credits.


Get an overview of your business or granular by promoter and streamline the performance of each of them with a monitoring timely and easy of their activities.

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That's how it works





Information Consultation


Assigning Route


Geographical Position






Comparing Routes


Cashier balancing




Our system allows you to equip your promotors with a powerful tool, which to work only need to use a SmartPhone to execute the mobile application. Also know that the bulk of your prospects and customers are located in remote places and most of the time these villages doesn't count with cell signal, Microfinance Mobile is designed to work in a hybrid environment, both online (internet conection) and out of line.
Having accurate information and at the moment will give you a competitive advantage, being knowing the minute the performance of their promoters so they can make better decisions to increase your portfolio and keep the default rate in the lowest possible rates.
Best of all is that Microfinance Mobile can be integrated into any system of portfolio management you have, since is equipped with a multi-platform connector to exchange information,because do not have to change their origination system to use our system, nor invest in the acquisition of hardware or staffing, as it is a system that works 100% Internet.
In MovilPyme we know that competition is tough, but you do not need to be, Finsol, or financial independence, to have access to the latest technology, robust and reliable, Microfinance Mobile is designed for you.

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Microfinance Mobile

Microfinance Mobile is your ideal Solution, from an adquisition of 15 license, integration FREE.

Contract Terms 12 months
Phone support M-F from 9:00 to 18:00 hrs.
Mail Support 7 x 24
System Availability 99.9998%
Payment Overdue Management
Sale on consign
Integration with any Portfolio Management System
GPS tracking
Private Messages SMS Unlimited
Personnel Tracking
WEB Administration Console
Assigning Scheduled Routes
Comparison module of Assigned Route Schedule vs Traveled Path
Control Dashboard: Payment overdue, Portfolio, promoters and Offices.
Smart Reports Module
Alerts and Messages
Anti-theft protection
Information Storage 10 años
Users / Administrator 1 por oficina
Collection Management
Solidary Payments Management, advance payments, payments overdue, groupal, individuals
Customer Visits Management
Simple Receipts
Mobile Client Portfolio Management
Returns Management
Integration with Thermal Printer If required
Export reports in Excel and PDF
Prospects Administration

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do I need internet to use the system?

Our system is designed to work with equipments that have cellular signal (on-line) and with those that do not have a contracted plan (off-line), the only difference is that in the second case, you will not have data registered by the equipment until this is connected to a wireless network (WiFi) and can synchronize their data with the central server, for everything else, the data is stored in the internal memory of the device.

What if the places where I am attending my clients have no internet signal?

The mobile Microfinance system is designed to automatically detect connectivity signals, so that without it, an automatic computer starts in line mode off-line mode(without Internet) and as the team reacquires the signal automatically records all movements that were offline are synchronized with the central server.

If I do not have internet, Can I record the location of sellers?

That's right, Microfinance Mobile was developed under a special mode, which allows us to continue recording the location despite not having internet and once the connection is restored, all locations are updated and visible from the console.

The system is suitable for use anywhere?

That's right, you can use the system anywhere in the world.

How often the GPS location is sent?

The overall system configuration, by default, sends this location every 7 minutes with this made efficient of resource the use of cellular and internet.

What if I lose my phone?

Microfinance Mobile has a anti-theft configuration, same configuration that allows you to erase data remotely, all controlled by the center console.

A same phone can be used by more than one seller?

Yes, multiple sellers can use the same wireless equipment, however if you want to differentiate movements between sellers, would have to make the installation of 2 licenses on the computer, one for each seller.

Is my information secure?

Microfinance Mobile Prevent the insecurity your sales equipment, collection and delivery may have every day being on the street, so to enlist each device we use the IMEI code (unique and unrepeatable of each cell equipment number it is like the thumbprint ) to encrypt information Within the device and that it can not be stolen without permission.

What Kind of phone can be used with the System?

Microfinance Mobile works on any phone that fulfill the following minimum requirements : i . Android operating system V2.2 or higher ii . SD memory of 512 megs iii . Processor 528 Mhz or higher iv . GPS system.

Can you use a tablet with the System?

While the tablet fulfill the minimum requirements described in the previous question , you can work smoothly.

The System works on Iphone?

Our system has been developed exclusively to work with the Android operating system only.

Why you only developed on Android and not on Iphone?

Our vision as a company is to bring technology to entrepreneurs and small businesses,removing the fear of buying a mobile device to your sales team , that could be "mysteriously " stolen from its employees . As we know the cost of an iPhone, sometimes it is higher than the monthly salary of our sellers, so sometimes it is tempting to "lost" the equipment, unlike an Android cellphone that can be found in $1.200 MXN.

Can you sell me the mobile Devices?

We are Telcel integrators, so we can make the sale of the equipment required.

How thermal printer work?

The thermal printer complements your solution, and is intended for those operations necessarily require a physical voucher to your client or wish to collect payments via credit card or debit card.

I can use any type of printer, or has to be a specific?

At the moment we have a couple of printers certified for integration with our system, however if you require any further, we can talk it about the project.

What is the Minimum Number of Licenses I can purchase?

You can start using our system from 1 license.

Can I use a demo of the system to see How it works in reality?

In the download section you can find the demos you want, try us and make a proper investment plan.

If I need a special setting in the system, you can do it?

We have a team of engineers who can make any adjustments your business requires.

Once I contract, how can you give me the support I need?

We have a support team working 24 hours a day to attend all your requirements.

What is the availability of your Service?

Currently we can sign contract, an availability of 99.9985%, as our infrastructure is kept in 3 of the best equipped data center in the world, being these 2 Mexicans ( Triara Queretaro and Triara Monterrey) and one in the United States.

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