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Meet Pretoriano Soft

It is a management software adapted to run on any type and line of business, we know what you need and exactly what we offer.


Control inputs and outputs of goods and receives automatic notifications when you are in a critical point of inventory replenishment. If yours are the services, do not worry you also can manage and control it.


With Pretoriano Soft you can have a history of quotations requested by your customers, same as with a single click you can be converted to purchase orders and invoices.


Automate your processes and fell free to take care of your business.

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Pretoriano Soft

Sistema Administrativo ERP

These days the competition is getting stronger and it is important to have an efficient administration in order to have total control of your business, no matter its size, any economic activity needs to have the minimum records of what goes on, such as: Sales, Customers, Inventory, Collection in the best scenario will surely bring a record in an Excel spreadsheet , but I can assure that it takes hours filling your information and then if you want to obtain a report, is additional time and not to mention the risk of your computer will fail and lose all your information, Have you ever thought about that?

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Pretoriano Soft

It is a software administration adapted to work on any type and line of business, with this system you do not get fussed with hundreds of options and hours trying to set it before to use it, we know what you need and is exactly what we offer.


Never get out of stock because you did not have a proper control of your inventory, controls the entrances and exits of merchandise, also receives automatic notifications when you're in a critical point of inventory replenishment.If yours are the services, do not worry also you can manage and control.


Can you imagine a tool that allows with one click know relevant information on the performance of your business? such as: Sales of the day, month, who is your more efficient seller, which product or service more demanded and mainly how much are you winning.


And if you thought we already had surprised you enough, we offer you all the electronic billing and CBB at low cost. No matter if you emit one or a million.


It's never been easier to have control of your business and most importantly, You Do not need to be a computer wizard to use it. With Pretoriano Soft you can have a history of requested quotations by your customers, same as with a single click you can be converted to purchase orders and invoices.


How much time you invest trying to remember who owes you, when pays you, if they made ​​any advance payment or if it was unpaid. Automates these processes and feel free to take care of your business.

Cloud Storage

You no longer worry if your computer crashed, get a virus or you are not in your office. Our system works 100 % in cloud which means "connection wherever you are at any time"

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How It Works

Click on the image to know the characteristics of Pretoriano Soft.

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Create a Customer

Create a Product

Create an Invoice

Accounts payable

Accounts receivable

Create Quotation

Quote on demand

charge an order

Express Bill

Complete Pretoriano Soft

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In Movilpyme we always try to adapt to our customers needs, this is why we offer two plans of hiring that can adapt to your needs, even if you want to work without limits with our perpetual License service or you like to pay only for what you are working, without being tied to a recurring payment with our On Demand service. Now if that's not enough, we have a 100 % free service, you choose.

FREE* Service

Pretoriano Soft

We have an ideal option for each working style, so we offer the chance to use the best ERP in Mexico City, completely FREE*, you only need to buy the billing package that suits you and start work, simple and no fine print.

* You just need to do a frequent mensual purchase of 50 invoices as minimum. In other case you could use the mensual license or permanent plan.

Permanent license

$2,880/MXN (Single payment)

Pretoriano Soft

Hire from a license with only one monthly payment, you will count with unlimited access to all functionalities of this system, anytime you want.

Do not miss the chance to take the next step in the growth of your company and takes advantage of your competition.

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On Demand Service

Packages and Investment

Pretoriano Soft

If you are insecure if this tool will give you the benefits you expect and do not want to link you to a monthly payment , do not worry , with the service ON-DEMAND only pay when you use the tool, through a pre -paid credit purchase system operation.

Meet the cost of our packages here.

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